Saturday, Jan 9, 2021 – New Struts on the RV

Hey Babe,
Wasn’t sure what I was going to do today when James delivered the two new gas struts for the awning. I spent the afternoon, with some help from Jeff and his buddy the other Jeff getting them on. It took awhile because the push nuts I bought at Home Depot were much more solid than the push nuts that came off, so it was challenging. After it was all done, though, they didn’t really behave any differently than the old ones, so I’m not sure this job was even necessary. So maybe a waste of time and money, but at least I’ve got new ones. I’m leaving the awning not quite out so far, because when I bring it all the way down the door scrapes on the awning, and I’d rather not start that problem again. Not sure how I’m going to do it when I want to put up the screen room, since that brings down the awning quite a bit more. I’ve got to analyze the problem some more and see if there’s a solution. Anyway, I put the blankets on the horses since they’re calling for lows in the low 40’s, and it’s usually a bit cooler out west here, so maybe even high 30s before it’s done. Guess we have to have a bit of cold weather to make us appreciate the warm stuff! I was listening to a northern Alabama radio station yesterday and they were talking about snow at the elevations, so you know it’ll be white back at the old house! Makes me extra glad I’m down here! I’ve got more deliveries coming in, and I’m trying to keep up with all the stuff that needs doing, but I might just take a ride tomorrow on Flash, for a change. Both horses are so covered with burrs they look ridiculous! I combed out Flash’s mane just because it was such a mess, but I can’t get Apollo to stand still long enough. I had to sneak up on him when he was eating dinner just to get his blanket on. Going to bed early tonight, at least I intend to try. I hear thumping music somewhere, I’m thinking one of the neighbors is having a party, so that may be distracting, but I guess I could always put my earplugs in, though I haven’t needed them for awhile. Off I go! Love you, darlin’! Good night!

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