Saturday, Dec. 26, 2020 – Very Productive Boxing Day

Hiya, Darlin’!
After a good night sleep and a chilly morning, things warmed up enough to start doing stuff outside, and I managed to get a lot more done than I anticipated! I started out fixing the ladder that had been torn off the side of the trailer. I pulled out the rivet gun and some rivets, and managed to bang everything back into place well enough to be stable again. Jeff helped me get some boxes and my pressure washer out of the attic after that, which should lighten the load considerably when I head out again. Then I decided to see what state the Buick was in. I tried to start it, but the battery was still pretty low, so I decided to put the Beatit charger on it, and lo and behold, it started! I never imagined it would! While it was idling high, I filled the tires up, as they had all lost about 10 pounds, checked the oil and what fluids I could, then lowered the idle and managed to move it to the front yard so I could wash it. The brakes were very poor, and it ended up overheating for some reason, though there was plenty of antifreeze in the radiator, the motor itself sounded just as fantastic as ever. I really hate to sell this car! I’m actually thinking I might invest in a shed to store it, if I can get it running well enough to drive it. I mean, I think I can afford it, and why not? I’ll do the mechanical work, and spring for a decent paint job, and it would still be cheaper than buying a new car, by a long shot. I washed the outside, and set off a bug bomb inside, since some fire ants and managed to build a nest up to and through the passenger door, and there were some spider webs inside, but nothing a good clean-out won’t cure. I’ll do the inside tomorrow, weather permitting. It would be great to have that to run around in, if the brakes and overheating problem can be fixed. Probably just a stuck thermostat, and Jeff said that it’s not unusual for brakes to freeze up from sitting too long. I asked him to help me with the mechanical work, if he’s got time, but we’ll see. Meanwhile, it turned out to be a nice day. I did some pool cleaning (though the pool is only 70 degrees, maybe a bit cool for now), but if the air warms up enough, that would certainly be refreshing. I cleaned the filters, but Jeff knows he really need to get some new ones, as the pool crawler’s not working any more. Anyway, it was a nice productive day, and then I settled down for an interesting movie about the creation of the Oxford English Dictionary, and a couple of half hour shows, nursing a couple of eggnogs with rum, first hard liquor I’ve had in ages, though rum isn’t my favorite, as you know. Time now for shower and bed! Good night, my sweet! Love you!

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