Saturday, April 25, 2020 – Day of Circles

Hi Darlin’,
What a rainy, windy, chilly dirty day! With rain starting in the morning, it rained off and on all day today, then turned positively blustery by bedtime. I felt bad for the horses, when I fed them breakfast, later than usual because of the rain, they were shivering because I didn’t put their blankets on last night, wasn’t expecting the rain to be cold, but the wind picked up and made it chilly. I worked on a few things in the house and on my computer, but then finally managed to get through to the fabric store, which I’ve been trying to do for two weeks now, because I wanted to get enough material to cover the final window above the dining room table. When you dialysis machine was sitting there I didn’t see the point, but now I wanted to able to close that off, but the store has been closed. But I finally got someone to answer the phone, and she said she would only be there for about an hour, and wasn’t opening up full-time until May 5, long after I plan on being gone, so I jumped into the truck with Lola and we headed out that way. As we searched the racks, I was afraid they had run out of the material, but at last we found it in a different place than before, and I got the yard I needed. From there I went to Lowe’s to get a small dowling that I will use for the curtain rail (the metal ones don’t last, I discovered, they bend too much), then a quick stop at Walmart to pick up just a few things, including a little toilet paper, just to be on the safe side! I haven’t seen much in stores, but they had a few packs left, so I grabbed some, along with dog food and a few essentials. As I was driving home, someone contacted me about buying the Galileo table, so once I got back and unloaded, I ran over to the house and loaded that up, and met the couple in Coalmont. Didn’t sell it for much, but at least it’s one less thing to haul to Goodwill or let Mountain TOP take for nothing! When I got back to the camper, I couldn’t find my wallet. Yesterday, I changed from my fanny pack to that nice black wallet I used to carry (not quite sure why I quit carrying it, actually), but then I couldn’t find it. I backtracked, first to the house, no luck, then I headed back toward McMinnville. I tried to call Walmart the entire way, and of course, no one picked up the phone for more than an hour, until I was only about 5 minutes away, but they at least confirmed that they had found it, yay!! When I got to the store, the line at customer service was longer than I had ever seen it, but I cut through to the counter since all I needed way my wallet, and fortunately there was a woman there who knew exactly what I was talking about and got it for me right away! Everything was there, fortunately, so that made me a happier camper. I decided not to waste the second trip, so I went to Tractor Supply to stock up on horse feed, but they were out of Flash’s food, with no more until Wednesday. I got plenty for Apollo, though, and I can always give Flash some of that. Then another long drive home. It rained off and on all afternoon, sometimes really pouring down, others when the sun came out for a few minutes, and I saw a beautiful rainbow on Cabbage Patch Rd. at one point. It was after six by the time I got back to camp, so I made dinner and had a glass of wine, and was just about to go out and to the horses when it started raining again. It was getting late, so I had no choice, I went out into the rain and fed them and this time, covered them in rain sheets for the night. By the time I got back to the camper the rain had gone from a drizzle to a deluge, so changing clothes was my first order of business! Dirty, crappy night! Then the wind really picked up, and right now it’s buffeting the trailer around like crazy. I’m worried about what it’s doing to the slide topper awning, it can’t be good. I am SO TIRED of this wind and rain and chilly temperatures!! But the long range forecast shows next Friday, my day of anticipated departure, to be sunny with a high of 70, which really excites me! Saturday is also sunny and mid-70s, so it should be a good day for riding, assuming I have enough energy after all of the activity that’s in store for the week. Winging down, but still have a lot to do, can’t wait till it’s done and I can crash!! Well, past my bedtime now, still need to let Lola out, take my shower and head to bed, which is next! Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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