Saturday, April 20, 2019 – Cool But Clearing

It rained again overnight a little, but the real test was the cold wind and temps this morning. Slept like a log, though, best night sleep in a LONG, LONG time. I had put my earplugs in because someone yesterday mentioned something about mules in the campground (best alarm clock ever if you want to get up before the crack of dawn), and there were a lot of kids I thought might get noisy early. It paid off, as I slept more than ten hours! That’s unheard of for me, but I was glad of it! I finally got up after 9:00 and fed the horses their grain, then I moved their high-line to a different tree as they were now standing is six inches of mud from all the raid. I got them re-settled with hay, watched the neighbor’s kids play with Lola for a while (and some adults, too.) I joked with one guy, who had picked up Lola’s proffered chucker and thrown a ball for her, “That’s my Lola, she trains humans very well,” and he smiled and couldn’t help but agree. Horses were in various stages of being saddled throughout the camp, with people bundled up pretty well, understandably. I told Hubby, “If I was riding today, I’d be in long underwear and a parka,” but, of course, I’m not riding today, too cold and the trails will be too crowded for me. Besides, the forecast for tomorrow is sunny and in the low 70’s, which is much more to my liking! I admit, I’m a fair weather rider, which is why we always endeavor to follow 70 degrees. So far, so good! We had a nice quiet day, with dialysis, of course, and lots of reading and writing as I attempt to update my diary!

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