Monday, Sept. 26, 2022 – Good News!

Hey Sweetie!
Felt a lot better this morning, was able to spray a few more paddocks and put some more stuff away, then got a call from James that they are NOT going to insist I leave the campground! (Though James did suggest it might not be a bad idea to stay at Jeff’s.) Really, though, I think I and the critters are safer here, the horses will be able to go in and out of the barn as they please. Lola’s not going to like the thunderstorms no matter where we are, and the forecast has us maxing out at about 20-30 mph winds. Unless there’s a freak tornado, I’m not too worried. I went around and made sure all the gates and stall doors were closed, took down my screen room and rolled up my awning, moved everything out from under the gooseneck to safer places, topped off my batteries, checked my generator, ran into town and filled up my propane tanks, filled up the water tank in the back of the truck, put the car cover on the Buick, lined up the truck with the trailer hitch just in case I felt I needed an extra 6000 lbs. of ballast, and generally got everything battened down. My timing was great, just a short while after I finished, a strong thunderstorm came through, and we weathered it with no problem. Cleared up after that, now we’re in the calm before the storm! Finally settled down for the rest of the day, reading and watching TV, which pretty much is all I’ll probably be doing for the next three days, since they’re calling for a lot of rain coming in, starting tonight. I had hoped to put some more posts out before the storm but ran out of time. I just laid them on the ground, and I’ll think they’ll be fine there. Took my shower early, right after I got done working, and I’m going to be early to rest my back some more. Surprisingly feeling a lot better today, despite all the hard work, so obviously the day off yesterday helped. If I get a whole three days more off, I’ll certainly be in the pink! Though I doubt I’ll be able to do much post installation, it will likely be WAY too wet, but we’ll see! I can always check it out with my original four-wheel drive, aka Flash, once it starts to clear up. Anyway, I’m off to bed! Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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