Monday, October 25, 2010 – Computer Crash Day

Having spent the weekend resting and working on the computer, I continue to have problems trying to get this computer working properly. I had decided to get my 10-year old Toshiba back up and running, just for my bookkeeping program (at least until the end of the year, then I’ll have to upgrade to a newer program that’s compatible with W7), and for transferring pix from my cell phone to a zip drive so I can move them to the new computer. Then I started over again, wipe out the hard drive and re-install all the original software again. Unfortunately, that hasn’t seemed to help all that much, the installation disks don’t seem to have all of the software necessary to run the computer. Some of the top buttons, like the CD eject button, don’t work anymore. I spend most of the weekend trying to sort it out, but today I started getting warnings that my hard drive was getting ready to crash, so I chatted online with Dell and they agreed to send me a new hard drive with the drivers already installed. Hopefully that will solve the problems at last! Sure enough, by the end of the day, the computer died altogether. That leaves me a bit in the dark, but I guess I can force myself to NOT be tied to the computer for a day or two… Maybe.. 🙂

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