Monday, Oct. 28, 2019 – Doctor Day

Yet another day with a doctor’s appointment, this time for Hubby’s back problem. Last time we saw this doctor he managed to fix one side of his back, but not the other, so we’re hoping he can do a better job this time. We did some quick shopping first, saw the doctor, who unfortunately was running a bit late, which meant by the time we got back we got a late start on dialysis, but it was thankfully an uneventful session that allowed me to do some prep work for our travel day tomorrow. Once again, my horses were brilliant and came to me when I called, quietly working their way around the pack in order to prevent a stampede, and then running right up to me at the gate once they were clear. They are SO GOOD!! Managed to finish dialysis at just about 7:00, which gave us a bit of time in the evening to relax. Haven’t started packing yet, but our flight isn’t until early afternoon, so I figure we have time. Heading off to bed to make sure we’re bright and ready in the morning!

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