Monday, Oct. 12, 2020 – Mostly Work and Rest

Hi Sweetie,
Got up early so that I could partake of the breakfast at the dining hall, which was quite nice, then spend most of the day working on various computer and email projects, trying to solve a bunch of issues. I managed to get a lot done, and though I had hoped to maybe take a ride with the afternoon group, I was still busy, and too tired,to go, so I just rested (if you can call computer work and phone calls resting!), until dinner, which was a nice meatloaf with all the fixings, then spent the evening watching a movie, then stsarted a new BBC series call The Moonstone. A rather mundane day, but at least I got all my laundry done, it’s nice to have electric and nearby water. Horses are quite happy in a large paddock I created with the electric fence, and all is right with the world right now! Just need to get some more rest to recover from all the recent activity! So off to bed! Love you, babe! Good night!

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