Monday, November 21, 2022 – Puttering Day

Hey Babe,
Having got most of the big jobs done, at last, it was just a handful of jobs that needed doing this morning. Fed the horses, who are now confined to the barn for the week, so I had to give them plenty of hay. Luan actually left me half a bale, so that was nice, but I also hauled another bale over from the trailer. I’m going to have to pick up some more in the next day or two or I’ll run out very soon. I fixed a loose plank in the manure bin near Barn 1, widened a bolt hole on a stall in Barn 2, then helped Luan with her horse Yarnell. Nice horse, but it seems absolutely no groundwork has ever been done with this horse. She’s been having trouble loading him in her LQ trailer, though he’s fine with a livestock trailer, apparently. Anyway, I offered to help, but this horse needs a good week in a round pen before he’ll start listening to anyone. I managed to get him to make a few quick turns on a lunge line, but it took 20 minutes for him to start to understand, and he behaved like he was really fat and lazy, only walking at first. Took awhile, but he got a lot better, but nowhere near where he needs to be to load him into a trailer he doesn’t want to go in. After that I did a few more odds and ends, tried to fix the chimney on my tractor but I think I’m going to have to do it again with something stronger than what I used. Spent some time with some of the other horse campers that came in, nowhere near as many as permits that were issued, so it may not be as crowded as we figured. Could have a lot to do with the weather, it was gloomy all day again, and rainy in the afternoon, and the forecast is the same for the next few days. Fed the horses again in the evening, which I’ll have to do now that they’re in the barn, and settled down to a nice steak dinner and a Stephen King movie. Heading for shower and bed, right after my Spanish lesson. Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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