Monday, May 23, 2022 – Teal Trail Done, Plus Most Paddocks

Hey Babe!
Up early again today, started out moving the horses to a new paddock, having breakfast, then mowing several more paddocks by the barn before heading out on the trail. Got the entire teal trail finished before 1:00, took a short break, then mowed most of the rest of the paddocks back by the barn, the ones that had really bad, three foot high weeds that were about to blossom and go to seed. I don’t know if these plants are annuals or perennials, hopefully the former, in which case I’ve made a major impact on next year’s weed crop! I pulled a bunch out along the fence by the roots as well, figure that will help, too. Didn’t finish until just after 4:00, had a beer, then a shower, then another beer with a nice grilled chicken and smoked gouda macaroni and cheese dinner before settling down for the evening. A very productive day! All I have left now are the red and the white trails, which overlap a lot of what I’ve already done, so I shouldn’t have any trouble finishing that off. Only question now is, what comes next? What will be my next project to accomplish? I’m thinking marking the rest of the trails with good, canned paint and rollers, the first step to better marking the trails. I don’t really want to keep that system, but it’s so entrenched here, it seems necessary, though I’ll keep it to a minimum. Next job after that is to start putting posts in, I’m hoping to get an official okay on that before I start, which is why it isn’t my next job. Anyway, watched a unique movie with Jake Gyllenhall about a 911 police dispatcher, it was an fascinating 90 minute monologue, quite a tour de force for him, well done. Now I’m ready for bed, though I may take another quick shower since I got kind of dirty again pulling more weeds while I was feeding the horses! Good night, baby! Love you!

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