Monday, May 21, 2018 – Reprieve

It was after 11:00 when I got home last night, and was so wound up it was 12:30 before I went to bed, another half hour plus before I got to sleep, and then the alarm went off at 4:45. I could barely function. I finished my last minute packing and headed out of the house by 5:30, with half a dozen 5-hour energy drinks, which I figured I was going to need. After all, I had to drive nearly two hours to Nashville, take all day to fly to Billings, rent a car and drive another two and a half hours to Lewistown to see the horse trailer that we’re wanting to buy, spend the night, drive two and a half hours back to Billings and fly home, arriving after 10:30, which meant after midnight by the time I got home. This was not going to be a fun day! Then, as I was driving up I-24, I had a text come through that there was a problem with weather and my flight to Dallas was going to be too late to make my Billings connection. Sigh. So I turned around and headed back home (was was already more than an hour on the road), and spoke to the airline and changed everything to tomorrow. It was actually the best thing that could have happened, really. Now I could get some sleep, dialyze Hubby, relax during the day (which had been my plan for yesterday), and be much more prepared to make decisions about the trailer I’m going to see, now tomorrow. Silver lining in all the clouds that have been on the horizon lately!

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