Monday, May 18, 2020 – Hay Day

Hiya Sweetie!
A good night sleep, followed by a quiet morning of computer work (which included filing a complaint about the realtor that so messed up the sale of the house) and searching for hay. I was down to 1 ½ bales, but even the local coop and feed stores didn't have any. It's been such a wet spring hardly anyone's been able to bale anything, but I finally managed to find some on Marketplace that was about an hour away. The guy baled it for his own use last year and had just enough bales left over to sell me and one other person in order to clear out a barn he wants to do something with. Anyway, it's a bit coarse but still looks and smells okay, and at this point, beggars can't be choosers! I got 14 bales which should last me partway through my next stop, and hopefully by then we'll have some nice weather and there will be some hay around, though I suspect the first cut will also be a bit coarse since it's getting so late in the Spring. I took a slight detour on the way home, it seems there was an old iron furnace from the 1830's just up the road from where I picked up the hay, so I went down there just for the historical aspect of it. Very interesting! Particularly about how it worked and how they got shut down because Federal troops were firing cannons at them during the Civil War (or the War of Northern Aggression as the locals like to refer to it) from the nearby Tennessee River. Anyway, that took up most of my day. It's suppose to rain tomorrow, so I'm thinking about doing my taxes, one of the few jobs still hanging over my head, so I'd like to get that over with even though the deadline's been delayed until July 15 because of the coronavirus. Things are starting to open up though, and the stock market went up wildly today, making up for a couple of bad days last week and then some! Glad to see I got into it at the right time, at least it will be if it keeps heading in the same direction. Well, enough said, time for shower and bed. Love you, darlin'! Good night!

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