Monday, May 11, 2015 – Rough Night, Busy Day

A few hours after going to bed early last night, the rains arrived, trumpeted by much thunder and lightening. It continued off and on all night, waking us up every several hours, both from the noise and from having to get up and close windows. So far, most of the rains here have been almost windless, and even these had very little wind, not even enough to make us bring the awning in. Of course, that might have to do with the fact we’re surrounded by forest, so that may have cut down on it a bit. In any event, we both had a pretty horrible night sleep, not exactly what we needed for this day. Started off taking the dogs for a good walk, though, with Hubby along as well. We’re trying to balance exercise with his meds, every time he takes his pills these days, it makes his legs ache and gives him a headache. We walked before he had his morning dose, and he did just fine. After a late breakfast (we had to sleep in after the rough night!), we started putting things away, because we want to get a REALLY early start tomorrow. There’s rain in the forecast in the morning, but we’re hoping we can get out before it starts up too much. We’re going to start out with the tarp on (something we hate to do, as it ruins the tarp and sometimes beats up the truck, but we haven’t tried it since getting a heavy duty canvas tarp), but hope to be able to take it off once we run out of the potential rain area.

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