Monday, May 1, 2017 – Laundry Day

Well, the plan today was to go riding, but it was quite windy and cool, and Hubby woke up not feeling very well this morning (always happens whenever we go into a crowd like the one on Saturday!), so we decided to hold off until he felt better, so that means it became laundry day! With all the dry air after yesterday’s rain, and the wind, I knew it would take no time at all to dry clothes, so I spent the day washing and hanging out laundry. I also moved the horses’ fence around to a new area, since with all the rain it was starting to look a little sad. There’s lots of weeds around that they don’t seem to like much, and not a lot of grass in between, even though it looks really green, but they’re managing to do a little mowing and lots of fertilizing, of course! Hubby spent the day relaxing, so hopefully he’ll feel better tomorrow, weather-wise it’s suppose to be a beautiful day!

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