Monday, March 19, 2012 – Ride on the Pacific, Travel to Arenal Volcano

Me and Peluche on our last day together

Rode the horses down to a meeting spot on the other side of one of the mountains, doing some incredible climbing along the way. Trucks for horses and for us met us there, then we went to a small cantina for a drink while horses kept moving. Met up with them again at a place near the beach for short ride along the black sand. Much drier and hotter here. Stopped at a little cantina for lunch, eating shrimp on rice (much more than any of us could eat), then ended at about 3:00 at the Eco-Ranch. From there we were met with another van, which then took us on the long journey to Lava Tacotal Hotel near the Arenal Volcano in the center of the country. Stopped once for coffee, didn’t arrive until 8:00 in the dark, so we didn’t see much on the way once the sun went down. Long day, very tiring. Had dinner at the hotel, lousy service, fair food, no brandy or bourbon. Hard beds, but they had electric and hot water, and, would you believe, a jacuzzi bath, which I promptly filled up with much appreciated hot water and soaked in for a good half an hour. To bed by 11:00, not even bothering the check for wi-fi.

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