Monday, Mar. 7, 2016 – Start RV Repair

After two months of arguing with the dealer and the manufacturer of our RV about whether a gray water leak we’ve had from Day One was covered under warranty, and the answer, in the end was, No, they wouldn’t cover it, Hubby and I crawled under the RV today to start to make the repair ourselves. This RV has one long “basement” cover, instead of numerous panels like our old RV, so there is actually no way to remove it to get into the pipes, except to actually use a matte knife to cut through the material. Upon the suggestion of the RV service guy, we cut two strips from one side about 2/3 of the way across to expose the area, then went about the job of finding the leaks. Turned out the leaks weren’t from a loose joint at all, as we had supposed, but there was actually a hole in the tank itself! Fortunately we had a really good marine adhesive that works wonders, and Hubby mixed some up and slapped in on there. We’ll check it again tomorrow after it’s cured to see if that solved the problem. Spent the rest of the day mailing off books and doing other computer work.

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