Monday, Mar. 23, 2020 – More Prep Work

Hey Babe,
Another day of busy, busy work to get ready to try to leave on Friday. After my usual morning chores, I moved everything that was in the small horse trailer, finished painting a few of the rusty areas I cleaned up, pressure washed inside the tack room, including taking out the water tank to get under it, reorganized the tack room on the big trailer while I was at it, and generally got a lot more organized than I think I’ve ever been before leaving on a trip! I put a new cover on that TV antenna on the Open Range (the old plastic one disintegrated) this time using a tin can, so hopefully it will last longer, and I pulled the slides in, and surprisingly, the one in the living room seemed to go in okay, though it’s still going to need to be replaced at some point. A busy day, but productive, and I feel like I’ll have no trouble getting out of here on Friday, short of me or Jeff getting sick. Unfortunately, the weather forecast for Tennessee isn’t very good. Though it’s 70’s here this week, by next week it’s highs in the low 60’s and lows in the 40’s, so I’m glad I didn’t clip the horses! It’s been really wet up there, so I definitely don’t want to try to get the trailer up to the house or I’ll never get out again, so I talked with some folks about finding an alternative, and Wayne, who owns the campground nearby, says he can fix me up somewhere for a few weeks while I finish getting the house cleared out. Jeff is talking about coming up again to get whatever stuff he can use, which is fine, but I’m hoping if he really wants to MG that he finds a place to store it, I’d hate to see it rot in the yard like he’s got all the rest of his junk doing.

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