Monday, June 22, 2020 – Travel Day to Brown County, IN

Hey Baby,
Well, I finally made it to the famous Brown County, south of Indianapolis. I should know better than to follow Google maps without double checking it, because it took me on some roads that had such tight turns that I had to back up once or twice, and I still ended up with my back wheels going into a culvert because I didn't have room for the truck to swing wide enough, and one hill I went over was so short, my front was on one side of the hill and my back end was on the other side of the hill, and the middle of the trailer was scraping bottom on the top of the hill! Jeesh! I finally reached a better road that let into the camp, which I'm guessing would have been a much better way to come, but there you go! I guess I had to learn that lesson again! Anyway, It took me well under two hours to break everything down at Deam Lake and go to the dump, so I was well on my way before 9:30. I don't usually like to stop at Walmart on the way, I like to offload the trailer first, but today was an exception. I needed some things and there was a Walmart just off the freeway, so I made the stop. Of course, I took Lola in with me, temps have been in the mid to upper 80's so I couldn't leave her in the truck, but I had the fans on in the trailer (what a luxury!), so the horses kept their cool. Anyway, we arrived at the camp safe and sound, and my spot is mostly in the sun, which might be problematic with the temperatures, but I wanted to be in sun so I could experiment with the solar panel and see how long a charge would last without running the generator, or maybe just running it for an hour a day. With four 5-gallon propane tanks, and we figured out that we burn about a gallon an hour when we run the generator, I should be able to get 20 hours out of them. But, of course, they're not all full at the moment, but it should give ma an idea. And who knows? Maybe on sunny days I won't need to run the generator at all! We'll see, it will be a learning curve, for sure. Anyway, I got the horses settled, got the trailer level (easiest one I've had in a LONG time), filled up with water (the nearest spigot is one long and one short hose away), had a nice chat with Jackie who was mowing the lawn. I made the mistake of asking at the gate if portable fences were allowed, and was told, "only around the hitching post," just like in that ridiculous Mystery Cave in Minnesota, which, as you know, is the LOWEST rank camp we've ever been to. Not to worry, though, I put them on anchors instead. Flash still gets a little excited if the rope gets around his feet, but he's getting the hang of preventing that from happening, and seems to be calming down a lot lately. Only took me a few minutes to get him in the trailer this morning, and he went in a lot calmer than usual, no running up the ramp so fast he slipped on it, like usual. Not instant, but getting better. Apollo, of course, was nickering at him to get on with it, because HE knew breakfast was waiting inside, and when it came his turn, he went right in. I'm getting faster at setting up, too, it didn't take me too long to get everything organized. I even broke out the barbecue grill, it's high time I ate some of those Zweigles white hots we got in NYS last year. I even bought some hot dog buns when I was shopping today. Not a very good cell phone signal here, I've had to put my booster antenna on the top of the trailer and power it with the truck, and even then it's pretty iffy, though I was able to get online for awhile. Flies are bad here, though, just like at Deam Lake, and since the zipper on the screen room is broken, they're getting in. I've got my fly spray ready, though! And the distributor has said they're willing to send me an entire new screen room just because a couple of the plastic teeth on the door panel have broken! We'll see, we have some logistics problems to solve on that one! Anyway, no more A/C unless I'm running the generator, so I hope things cool down at night here! Had my barbecued white hot and some shrimp cocktail I splurge on, but not much else to do here. No cell phone signal, so no Netflix, no local channels either. Good thing I have a book, though I'll have to download a few more. Jackie told me there is a signal up by the firetower, looks like I'll be making a trip or two up there every day. Guess I'll just have to get a lot of riding it! Supposed to be rain tomorrow, though, but we'll see. Clouds are coming in now, temps are mercifully dropping, so I think I'll get my shower in and spend the evening reading. Well, I say evening, but it's almost 9:30, I've just eaten, and it's still not dark. Too much darn daylight in the Eastern time zone! Oh, well. Love you, darling! Good night!

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