Monday, Jan 4, 2021 – New Awing Fabric Installed, Check!

Hi Sweetie,
Got up a bit earlier today because I wanted to try and get my new awning fabric installed before I headed out for a mammogram this afternoon. I had studied several videos, and one I even wrote down all the steps and printed them so I would have a reference, then I headed out and started working even before breakfast. After I did the first few bits that were generic to pretty much every video I watched, I discovered that the one I had most studied had a completely different hardware sysem, one that was actually much easier than the one I had been watching, so that helped a lot. I did about 95% of it on my own, only seeking out my brother when I needed extra hands for taking it down and putting it back up again, mostly (of course, as always, he was critical of the way I was doing everything he was involved with when it didn’t go absolutely perfectly the first time, as if that ever happens on ANY job!), but at least it got done, and it was peaceful for the 95% I did on my own. I had to abandon it in the middle to run down to WPB for my mammogram, but it went pretty quickly and I was back in good time. Got all my tools put away and the yard cleaned up just as it was reaching horse feeding time, so it worked out perfectly! The horses had been left in the paddock because Kirsten and her girlfriend came out and took Apollo and Frost for another ride today, and I told Jeff to leave them in the paddock when they got back since I had left all my tools around and the awning on the ground, and I didn’t need Mr. Curious Apollo knocking everything over and stepping on everything, so it worked out well. It’s a nice graduated green awning, and it looks great. The other one had chunks falling off it when I got it down, so replacing it happened not a moment too soon! And it solved another problem. I’ve been having trouble getting the awning all the way in, because the metal shield had somehow slipped forward and was keeping the arms from closing all the way, but now it’s aligned perfectly and closes all the way. Glad about that improvement! I think it may need new gas struts, though, because the motor is working too hard and the awning isn’t staying as high as it probably should, you remember how it scrapes the top of the door. I don’t want that to rub the new awning if I can help it, and I think new struts will help, but have to do some research on it. I’m trying to get everything working perfectly, and even hoping I’ll have a chance to empty out the back horse area and give it a good pressure washing, something I haven’t done since I bought it. So it was a busy and productive day, which is always good! Took my shower this afternoon, so I’ll be heading to bed here shortly, lots to do tomorrow, too! Good night, babe! Love you!

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