Monday, Jan. 2, 2017 – Set-up Day

Had a great night sleep, but we were still achy from all the recent activity. We managed to pull back by the barn and get set up, but we did it at a leisurely pace in the morning. We had trouble with getting a reverse polarity error on the inverter again (we had the same thing using the generator the other day, don’t know why this has started), and it took a while to get all the cords and adapters right, plus we had to run hoses all the way from the house as the spigot by the barn is leaking, so it took most of the day to get it all working. Once that was all in, I helped Brother Jeff with some fencing repairs, and I officially introduced my two horses to his boarder, Tommy the retired racehorse, and everyone seemed to get along find. I also met Tommy’s owner Amy, and we had a nice chat. A busier day than we had hoped, we’re still pretty tired from our busy couple of weeks, but we finally settled down in our new locale, looking forward to a REAL day off tomorrow!

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