Monday, Jan 11, 2021 – Busy, Tiring Day

Hey Darlin’,
Got up nice and early today, in the mood to do some heavy work, so I decided I would pressure wash the back of the trailer, something I haven’t done since we bought it. I’m just about out of hay and the feed cans are low, so I knew I’d be able to move everything okay. After breakfast I started clearing everything out, then got busy cleaning. The worst part was the stall pads, they had so much grime on them I had to pressure wash, then soap, then scrub, then pressure wash again. I even put Armour-all on them just to leave them nice. I started at 9:00 and didn’t finish putting everything away until after 5:00, a LONG day. There are still a few odd things I need to sort out, and I still need to clear out the tack room and the storage areas to clean and reorganize, but the part I did looks a whole lot better. The rest is for another day! Shouldn’t have much trouble sleeping tonight. Took my shower early to get off the bug spray I had to put on because it was mosquito hour by the time we fed the critters, Jeff and friends finished pouring the concrete lid for his septic tank so he was running a little late. At least we got it done before full dark. Settled down to a nice balance meal, watched a move and a Heartland episode, but now I’m ready for bed! Good night,sweetie! Love you!

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