Monday, August 31, 2020 – Travel Day to Hueston Woods, OH

Hey Sweetie,
Once again, I went to bed expecting one kind of weather and woke up to something else. Forecast last night was a 30% chance of rain for about an hour later in the morning, woke up with rain coming down heavily and a 100% chance of rain, duh! Fortunately the radar showed it wouldn’t last too long, and that Hueston Woods was sunny, so I crawled back into bed to wait it out. Once it started to wane a bit, I got up and had breakfast, and by the time I was done, the rain had gone. I finished packing up, hooked up and pulled out the trailer, loaded up the horses and off we went! It was an uneventful trip (my favorite), except when I arrived at Hueston Woods, I noticed a long scratch a several dents along the compartments under the manger. I have no idea how they got there. I’m sure I didn’t run into anything, but I don’t know how anything could have run into me, though I did stop by the side of the road one time, but I pulled off pretty far, and I would have thought I would have noticed if someone slid along my side. I took the long route on purpose, to keep me mostly on freeway, but I don’t know, it’s a mystery. Anyway, my first stop at Hueston Woods when I arrived at 2:00 was at the dump, since Hocking doesn’t have one, and then off to my site, which is in the middle of a row of sites. There must be some kind of event or something here this weekend, because practically every site is booked. I barely have enough room for the trailer here, but I managed to get in okay. I had do to some extra maneuvering, because the electric boxes are side by side every other site, which means for my site it’s on the wrong side of the trailer, so I had to stay close to one side to make sure it would reach, just barely! That gave me a tiny bit of room to put up an electric fence around the (sigh) hitching post, and up along the slide-out, but it’s hardly enough to turn around in. The good news it that the newer maps show a lot more trails than the older maps did, so it looks like we have a lot of trails to explore. The bad news is they’re busy “upgrading” the trails with gravel, big chunks on the bottom, then some of that netting material, then small chunks on top. Looks like it’s going to be boots for the boys for the next 10 days! I really can’t understand why these decisions are made, everyone I talk to KNOWS that horses don’t like gravel, but some bureaucrat somewhere has decided that this is the way to do it, and that’s that! Frustrating. Anyway, I was completely set up with screen room, fence, grill, the whole works by about 5:00, then settled down for a nice grilled pork shop and sides and an evening of reading, TV and extremely frustrating letters back and forth to Equity about meeting their absurd covid requirements. Grrrr! For a union of artists, they have NO imagination. Anyway, I finally showered, and am off to bed. Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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