Monday, August 29, 2022 – Another Twelve Markers Finished

Hey Babe,
Had an absolutely terrible night sleep last night! Despite doing everything I could, I didn’t finally get to sleep until almost 4:30, so when I finally woke up at 7:30, I was exhausted! My back hurts for some reason, and I ended up taking a second helping of ibuprofen, and that’s what I think finally kicked it off. I was determined to get some posts painted today, though it was a real exercise in self-determination! The day started out cloudy, so comfortable, and there was rain in the forecast for the afternoon, which unfortunately never materialize, so it was hot and humid, but once I got going, I kept pushing myself until I got twelve more posts done. Had to backtrack around a water crossing once, so the traveling-by-tractor took a little longer, and I worked from before 10 until 4:00, so a full day. Once I sat down, though, that was it! I struggled to take my shower, took some more ibuprofen, then settled down to the final of the Great British Baking Show, then a movie. Now I’m having a double strength Sleepttime tea, and will be off to bed VERY SOON, very early, because I have another full day scheduled for tomorrow. Getting closer! I figure two more days to get all the intersection posts completely painted, then I’m going to finish my arrow posts here in camp so all I have to do is plant them, which will be a lot easier, I think. I’ll put out as many as I can, though some areas will still be too wet. We did have a good rain yesterday, but nothing here today, so I should be good for the south end tomorrow. Headed to bed right after my Spanish lesson. Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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