Monday, April 9, 2018 – Travel Day to Wolf Creek Park

Got up during the pre-dawn hours once again, did little more than get dressed before heading over to the building to get Apollo. Naturally, the building was still locked up tight as a drum. We ran into another woman who was also trying to get her horses out, and we drove around until we finally saw some people inside and banged on the door until we could get in. By then, of course, the buildings were all open. Fortunately, I had packed all of Apollo's stuff, except his hay bag and his water tub, the night before, so I threw that into the back of the truck and went back for him. We ponied him back to the camping area (more exercise than he's seen in days, poor thing!), tied him up while we hooked up the truck, which took longer than we hoped because the batteries were too flat. There's a button inside the trailer that disconnects the batteries from the electricals which we haven't quick figured out yet, but we got close enough to plug in the truck, so that charged the batteries enough in short order. We finished packing up everything, pulled out enough to load up Apollo, then hit the road forthwith. We skipped breakfast, so we found a Bob Evans along the way and stopped there. Did I mention it was snowing? Yeah, for about the third or fourth time this weekend. Not what I expected in Indiana in April!! Anyway, we had a nice breakfast, then hit the road again, until I just felt so tired I just had to stop for a quick power nap. Hubby had napped a bit already, so he understood, and we pulled into the back side of a truck stop where I slept for about an hour. Perfect! Took a few slugs on a 5-hour energy and off we went! We stopped at a Wal-mart to fill up with diesel and pick up a few things, then headed out to Wolf Creek, where we happened to meet a ranger who stopped and asked us if we were the ones coming into the horse camp early, which, of course, was 'yes!' He let us know there was a barricade with lots of room to go around, and sent us on our way. We arrived moments later at a lovely little horse camp, with about twenty sites, five of which had electric. We had selected Site #14, the handicapped site, so as to be nearest the central water spigot, and near a manure pit. It didn't take long to get settled in and unhooked. The only down side is they have hitching posts here, but I put up a short highline so Apollo could at least move back and forth on it, and hopefully be comfortable. I may put up the highline between a couple of hitching posts later to give him more room, but he'll be fine for now. We had hoped to arrive early enough to dialyze today, but between breakfast and my power nap, it was just too late to get started, though Hubby said he felt fine, he'd be okay until tomorrow. We have just enough of a cell phone signal to watch a little TV before we crash into bed, so we finished off the first season of Taken before turning out the lights, exhausted. Whew! Love being back on the road again, really looking forward to getting back into a routine, though!

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