Monday, April 25, 2022 – Jeff Comes Home

Hi Sweetie,
Despite going to bed at 1:00 a.m., I woke up before 7:30, and got up because I had too much going on today. Did my rounds, did my chores, was worried momentarily about Flash, he was laying down when I was getting food, which is unusual at this time of day, but then after I gave him his feed bag, I looked over after a few minutes and he was laying down again. That made me REALLY nervous, so I went in and managed to get him up, got a halter on him, and walked him from the paddock to the little horse trailer, got the doors open, but before I could even get him in, he pooped like I was hoping he would, so I walked him back to the paddock and he went straight out to the hay, looking perfectly fine. I kept an eye on him for a bit, but he seemed okay after that. After breakfast, I headed out to the hospital where Jeff was, arriving around 9:30, but they said they wouldn’t be ready to discharge him until after lunch, so I decided to do some shopping at Walmart since I was so close and I needed some stuff, and shortly after I got back, he was discharged. Got him home before 2:00, with instructions not to push himself too hard for a couple of weeks. Grabbed some ribs, corn and zucchini and headed back to camp. I’m exhausted. Taking the day off tomorrow! I still did my 6:00 rounds, though it was closer to 7:00, but I’m too tired to check the gate tonight, I’m just going to get my shower and head to bed. Hopefully, I’ll be able to sleep well and even late tomorrow! Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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