Monday, April 25, 2011 – Prep Day

As promised, the day was used to get all the last minute items done. Brother’s hired help made short work of us moving the hay over the pickup. We managed to use enough hay since our last purchase so that only three bales had to be put on the extra top level, and the straps were long enough to handle the load, no worries. Around 3:00 we headed out to a local restaurant that was supposed to have Wi-Fi so that I could instruct Brother in some internet lessons (he hasn’t used a computer in years, and that one was obsolete when it was given to him. Not so with this one, it’s practically new!), and I showed him some of the basics, starting with how to read the instructions I’ve typed up for him. I even started him a Facebook page, and he was stunned to discover I could take his picture from the tiny camera and post it online then and there. I showed him another Brother’s Facebook page, and he was surprised to find our Christmas pix there. It’s a whole new world that he hasn’t had any idea was out there, I’m hoping he’ll find something new to do besides work all the time. We’ll see! Meanwhile, we’re looking forward to getting on the road again. We’ve had a great stay here, and we’ve managed to get a lot done, but the horses are getting bored with the terrain, and we’re looking forward to getting into the mountains, or at least some hills. It’s so flat here, it gets rather monotonous, and the weather’s starting to get WAY too hot and humid. Ready to roll!

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