Monday, April 22, 2019 – Travel Day Back to the Tennessee House

Got up bright and early on a much warmer and sunny morning, and got to work getting ready to travel back to the house. I hesitate calling it “home” anymore, as we’ve gotten so accustomed to the idea that we’re really on the road full-time, and clearing out and selling the house is just a job to be done before we can get back to it. I finish packing up everything, got the truck hooked up, had a little problem getting the slide in (we discovered a few days ago there was a kitchen timer which I’ve been missing for months jammed in the mechanism when we were opening it, and I managed to clear that out, but the slides been a little ornery since then), but when I give it a little lift from the outside it seems to come in okay. We’ll probably have to get it adjusted at some point, but I suspect it might just be how much weight we have on the slide. After all, we’re carrying two dialysis machines, one of which will be gone before we leave again, so that should help. Anyway, we managed to get on the road before 9:00, stopped at a fast food restaurant called Jacks for an early lunch, Walmart in S. Pittsburg, TN to pick up a few things, and still managed to make it to the house just after 2:00. Everything looks the same, no problems, no trees blocking the driveway, no trouble getting set up, though we did sink in the dirt where we usually park, a sign they’ve been having a lot of rain up here. I hustled around getting the horses’ electric fence up, got them fed, worked nonstop for a couple of hours before I collapsed in my recliner with a glass of wine in one hand and a TV remote in the other. Whew!

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