Friday, September 23, 2011 – Food Poisoning!! Still had to work!

Woke up to a very strange feeling, then discovered that before I could even move, I had an attack of awful diarrhea. It was terrible! My stomach was upset, I had to keep making trips to the bathroom with a towel in my hand, cramps, just plain feeling terrible!. Turned out Hubby had the same thing, though not quite as bad. Obviously, it was the soup. We had to stay in the room all morning just to recover enough to get dressed and go downstairs to the gift shop to buy Pepto Bismol. We both felt awful. The PB helped after awhile, and we finally managed to get dressed in our work clothes and go meet our client for a short while, but it was tricky making sure that we were never far from a bathroom. Nothing worse than a bout of food poisoning! We managed to get some food down eventually, but soup was definitely off the menu! At one point, Hubby noticed that a woman at the grill poured tap water into the soup on the warmer, without heating it back up to a boil, which explains to me how the food poisoning developed! My mamma taught me that when I was just a kid! How can something like that happen? Hard to imagine in this day and age. Anyway, we survived the day, but were completely wrung out by the evening, happy to crawl back in bed with another dose of Pepto.

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