Friday, Sept 20, 2019 – Shopping and Kayak Ride

Time to go shopping! Was hoping we could do it early enough so that I could get a nice ride on Flash today, but unfortunately, we kept getting delayed by one thing or another. Went to Tractor Supply to fill up two of three empty propane tanks, but had to trade in one of our propane tanks because I keep having problems with one of the valves, did that at Meijers. Tried to get our shopping done there as well, but gave up when the scooter Hubby was using died and they didn’t have another one, had a bad experience with one of the employees there. Ended up going to Walmart and finishing our shopping off that. Picked up some KFC on the way back to camp, and it was nearly three by that time, too late to take a long ride, so I decided to paddle around in my kayak instead. Took quite a long trip around about half the lake, very nice ride! A beautiful day, got some sun, then came to what was now a very busy campground, evidently a Four H weekend because there were lots of kids around. It’s going to be noisier than we had anticipated! Hubby played fetch with Lola most of the time I was gone, so they’re both a bit tuckered out now, too. Got settled in for the evening, watched an interesting movie called “Time Trap” and a few other things before going to bed.

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