Friday, Sept. 11, 2020 – Errand and Rest Day

Hi Darlin’,
Had a good rest overnight, but was still feeling a bit tired today. I discovered I had a book order come in late last night, so I packed that up after chores, made a list of a couple of items I needed and headed into French Lick to the post office. I discovered this was quite an historic area, with lots of buildings from just after the turn of the last century, evidently there were springs here that claimed healing powers and people flocked here for the cures. I loved the old post office, one of those great old buildings with the super high ceilings and beautiful wood, from back when they really knew how to build grand buildings. I stopped at the tourist office to pick up some maps and brochures just to see what the history was about, pretty interesting. It gave me a chance to scope out my exit route, too, and it looks pretty good, except for the turn out of the campground! That looks the most harrowing, big ditch, driveway points the wrong way, I may need to find an alternate route just in case I can’t make it. I filled up with fuel while I was in town, best price I’ve seen for diesel in a while, just $2.29 a gallon. Since my next stop isn’t all that far, and I don’t anticipate going out again, I should be good for awhile. Also stopped at the Jay C grocery store for a couple of things (I forgot Total cereal for Lola’s satin balls the other day), and then I was back in camp. It was cloudy all day, so I only got a little boost from the solar panel, but even so, I didn’t need to turn the generator on until dinner time, and only for about 30 minutes. Hopefully it will be sunnier tomorrow, though they’re calling for rain in the afternoon. I didn’t feel like riding today, but I did make out three routes to cover all the trails, two for Flash and one for Apollo, so I’m ready to go. I’ll take Flash in the morning for a perimeter ride. I’m told the trails are rocky, so boots for him will be the order of the day. Read for most of the afternoon, watched a few old things on the Dish PVR, otherwise an uneventful and restful day. Heading for shower and bed now. Good night, sweetie! Love you!

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