Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 – Day Two of Workshop

Hey Sweetie,
Another successful workshop done! Another great group from this company, everyone made loads of progress, even my most stubborn students came a long way! After I finished up and headed back to the hotel, I did some preliminary packing. Because I made the mistake of renting a car from Fox, whose return lot IS NOT the same as everyone else’s, I’m going to have to build in an extra half hour (at least) to my morning to get to the airport on time, so I’m looking at a 4:30 wake up call! It’s going to be a long day tomorrow! I’m disappointed in the trailer place, I only just got an email from earlier in the day that said the ONE THING that was my top priority didn’t get done, and neither was my second priority. Instead they did stuff I probably could have done myself and charged me over $600 for it, mostly labor. Grrrr… Not happy about that. I wouldn’t have minded so much if they had at least sealed the dent in the gooseneck, since I’m trying to avoid leaking (and it’s supposed to rain there all weekend!), but to do all the peripheral stuff without doing the priority stuff has really disappointed me (read, I’m P.O!!!). It would have been nice if they had let me know that 10 days ago! Anyway, I’m going to be up really early and hoping I can get to sleep early for my long day tomorrow, so I’m going to try to start now. Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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