Friday, May 5, 2017 – Rainy Day

Rain came in overnight again, and filled all my buckets once more, and the temperatures dropped dramatically. I had changed the fence around the horses’ area again yesterday, I’m trying to do a little pasture management, but with all this rain, the grass around us is starting to get a little sad looking. It’s made a bit worse by the racing around and leaping and jumping Apollo has been doing the last couple of mornings, I think he’s just trying to keep warm during the cold mornings we’ve been having! Even through they’ve had rain sheets on, it’s been still a bit chilly with a cold breeze. Anyway, it was the kind of day where you just want to stay inside and keep warm (we even had the furnace on a good part of the day!), so that’s what we did. In the late afternoon, we had visitors, Meredith and Steve, who live nearby, and read on my Facebook page that we were here at Owl Creek, and Meredith insisted Steve come out with her to meet us, and because she wanted to buy a copy of our book. We had a lovely visit! He’s a nearly retired rocket scientist, so he and Hubby had a nice chat as well. It’s great to hear from fans, and to make new friends along the way in our travels, and I really appreciated the effort they made to come and visit! After feeding the horses and changing them into their winter blankets, we settled down for another quiet evening, though we had a number of other campers come in. We even had a couple families that were here last week, and the kids came over to ask if Lola could come out and play! Of course we said yes, and off they went with tennis ball and chucker, which kept her busy until dinnertime. It started to clear up in the evening, so tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a lovely day!

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