Friday, May 15, 2020 – Travel Day to Natchez Trace State Park

Hi Darlin',
Well, once again the forecaster have gone bonkers. Last night when I went to bed, the rain wasn't coming in until 4:00 pm. When I woke up this morning, it suddenly moved up to noon! I decided skip breakfast and just get packed up and go, and it's a good thing. When I stepped out of the trailer, my neighbors were just getting ready to ride off (it was barely 8:00!), and I needed help with the slide that sticks, so I managed to get one of them to help me before they rode off. I had done so much work getting ready yesterday that I finished packing up in no time, and was heading to the dump just after 8:30, and driving out of the park just after 9:00. It was only a little over an hour drive, so I arrived at my new campsite before 10:30! There were three people on lawnmowers in the campground just finishing up (that's the problem with state parks, they always seem to be mowing the lawn!), but I found my site, #10, which turned out to be just perfect! There was a bit of an incline, but once I unhooked I managed to level it off just fine (though the work in the basement may have to wait, as there's no room to crawl underneath anymore), the horses are comfortable on a highline I strung between one of their posts and a tree, and before I even finished getting them settled in, a rider came by and we had a nice chat for quite a while, very friendly and welcoming. I don't want to say that the people at Chickasaw were unfriendly, but they certainly weren't very hospitable, not like I've been used to at horse camps in the past. Turns out this rider, Carol, lives nearby, she recognized my name, and she even has a copy of my book! Whoo-hoo! I invited her to come by later after her ride, and she took my number and friended me on Facebook, texted me to ask if I needed anything as she was going shopping, and when she came back for happy hour, she even brought me a bottle of wine! Now that's what I call hospitable! I spent most of the afternoon sitting the screen room getting caught up on something I discovered on my new horse camps supplement, apparently all of the work I had done last summer disappeared when my computer crashed and my Carbonite had neglected to back up for several month, grrrrr, so I started to rebuild that file by downloading it from my Facebook Book page. I managed to get that mostly caught up when Carol came back around 4:00, and we ended up chatting until nearly 7:00. We arranged to go riding in the morning, weather permitting, but who can tell? It never rained at all today, the storm that was over Arkansas petered out. Tomorrow they're calling for rain about 1:00, but I really have my doubts about all weather forecasts these days. We'll see what happens in the morning. Anyway, my site is really nice, and I think I'm really going to enjoy it here, even though there isn't an accurate trail map (what else is new?), and Carol has warned me that some of the trails are in really rough shape because of rain, and trees down from storms a few weeks ago, but again, what else is new? Anyway, it was a fairly relaxing day, an uneventful drive and setup, and it looks like a good place to spend a couple of weeks. And now it's time for shower and bed! Love you, darlin'! Good night!

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