Friday, Mar. 20, 2020 – Moving On

Hiya Babe,
Well, it looks like I might have a buyer for the house. The realtor who listed it last year has kept working on it, despite a lapse in the listing agreement, and some folks that have looked at it a couple of times have come back with a pretty decent offer, so it looks like I might finally have that burden taken off my shoulders. Of course, they want to close in mid-April, which means I’m going to have to get up there and finish clearing the house out before then, though they seem to be fairly flexible about letting me leave stuff there until I can do something, but frankly, I’d rather get it out of the way so that once we close, I’ll be footloose and free, and homeless, I suppose! I can live with that! The job I was supposed to fly out for at the end of the month has been postponed due to all this corona virus panic, so now instead of Vegas in the springtime, it’s going to be Vegas in the summer, so happy 115 degrees! Never mind, I’ll be in the hotel the whole time anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. So now since I don’t have to hang around here for that (which I was only doing so my brother can look after the critters while I went west), there’s no reason for me to stay any longer, and since the weather forecast is getting hot, hot, hot, it’s time to moving north anyway. Naturally, that means my focus has turned to getting ready to pull out of here. I treated and painted the top corner of the front of the trailer, which was showing rust spots, and now it looks fantastic, I pressure washed the water tank in the truck (though, of course, I ended up breaking a hose connection, so I had to fix that in the process, but it’s all better now, I ran up to Ranch Feed and stocked up on grain and hay so I can be ready when the time comes, and started doing a bunch of other things to prepare for departure. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but the starter went bad on the tractor a while back, and we finally got a new one that Jeff picked up yesterday, so I put that on today and got the tractor emptied out and moved out of the way. Did a little shopping for essentials as well, then got back in time to sit by the pool with the family for a bit before it was horse feeding time. Settled down for the evening and fell asleep watching TV, so I took my shower, now I’m heading off the bed. Good night, my love!

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