Friday, June 22, 2012 – Another Ride at Six Nations to Monterey Jack’s Restaurant

  We had heard about Monterey Jack’s from Julie and Gregg, whom we had met here last year, so after doing some research to figure out where it was (Google Earth is SO useful!), I planned a ride down there, and we headed out about 11:00. Straight down the Mohawk Trail to the parking area at the trail where the A loop crossed, then turn right on the road, then about half a mile to the intersection, where the restaurant is on the left. You can see the hitching posts before you ge the intersection, and we crossed through the auto shop’s parking area to get there, just to stay off the main road. A nice little hole-in-the-wall, a simple but delicious and affordable menu, we had burgers on the best buns I’ve had in ages! These New Yorkers sure know how to make bread!! Nothing like those tasteless white bread things you get in a package at the store, these were light and fluffly and extraordinarily tasty, just perfect with the Angus beef. No frills, just good eats. Even had a draft amber bock to go along, since that didn’t have anything except water in the calorie-free zone. Figured if I was going to cheat, I might as well cheat with beer! Had a nice chat with the owner, Bob, and a couple of his patrons before heading back about an hour later. Horses had a nice rest, and even though they were in the sun, the front had come in and the temps were much better. The day started out cloudy, but then turned sunny while we were inside, just gorgeous! Headed back up the Mohawk the way we came, as that’s one of our favorite trails anyway, stopping for a drink at the creek at the trailhead, got back about 4:00, just right! Got everyone bedded down, spent some time chatting with some new neighbors that had come in this morning (our other neighbors actually left today, unusual to be leaving on a Friday), even sat around the fire with them (Carol and Cherise) a bit before heading off to bed. Cherise had just gotten a new GPS, identical to mine, but hadn’t done much with it yet. I gave her a quick lesson, downloading her map from their ride today for the database of trails I’m building, and showing her all the cool stuff you can do by putting it on Google Earth. She was grateful, and I promised to help her after their ride tomorrow as well. A very nice day! We have to get them in while we have the chance, the summer’s going to get VERY busy VERY soon!

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