Friday, July 30, 2010 – More Work, Change of Hotels

We arrived at 7:50 after breakfast, and our client arrived just after 8:30, but he had cleared his schedule to stay with us until 11:00, so we had an excellent session. Afterward, we went back to the hotel, packed, and headed out to Crystal City. Since we had an early morning flight, and apparently the Metro doesn’t start early on Saturday, so we decided to stay at the Sheraton, which was having an incredible room sale, just $87 for the night. First, though, we decided to take the Metro to National Airport to see if we could get our seating and boarding passes for the flight in the morning, now that we had changed our flight and we were less than 24 hours before we were leaving. Of course, after standing in line for 45 minutes, I was rather rudely told I couldn’t get boarding passes yet, even though seats had apparently been assigned. I was told those seats couldn’t be release in DC until 30 minutes before the flight, so I assumed that meant they were emergency row seats. Odd, because we had already been assigned emergency row seats for the second leg of the flight. The guy said to go to the Delta shuttle desk in the morning, and they would issue a temporary boarding pass to get us through security and a real boarding pass at the gate. It all sounded very inconvenient and unnecessary, so we ended up leaving dissatisfied, determined to never fly Delta again. Called the hotel, who sent out a shuttle to pick us up, we settled in, walked down to a little Chinese dive for dinner, than again, went to bed early in anticipation of an early morning.

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