Friday, January 7, 2022 – Second Anniversary of Remembrance, Lunch with Brothers

Hi Sweetie,
Hard to believe another year without you has flown by! I had a super busy, so I haven’t had as much time for remembrance as I would have liked, but maybe tomorrow, I have no real plans. Got up at the crack of dawn and started packing up, since the new resident of this site showed up yesterday, and managed to get everything packed moved and unpacked again in less than two hours. That included setting up a whole new, much bigger paddock for the horses, with lots of fresh grass to munch on. They’re pretty much ignoring the crappy coastal I bought at the nursery in Naples. I had to take two runs at getting in the driveway in this new field camping area, big ditches on either side of the entrance, almost didn’t make it, but finally managed it. Changed my clothes and headed out to Okeechobee, where I filled up three propane tanks and got a bag of horse feed, then stopped at the feed store for six bales of hay, somewhat better quality than I have, but not much. We’ll see how they like that. Finally arrived at Indianwood Country Club where we all agreed to meet for lunch, and amazingly, brother Jeff was the first to arrive! We went in and got a table at the Outpost Grille, a nice little place overlooking the golf course. Brother Glenn and wife Dena arrived shortly afterward, and we had a very nice lunch, Mahi-Mahi sandwich for me! Not a bad reunion, probably won’t see Glenn again for awhile, though, I’m not making that nearly four hour round trip just for a meal, and he’ll be gone by the time I get closer. Stopped at Walmart for fuel and a few groceries, and got back to camp just before the sun went down, long day today! Lola made friends with big chocolate lab named Riley a few sites away, they romped for a bit. Then my new friend from Rochester came by and we chatted for a couple of hours, much in common! Finally settled down to do a little OTL work, got another rider signed up today. Had my Sleeptime tea tonight, I’ve been missing that, now I’m headed for shower and bed, though I still have a French lesson to do. I love you, my darling, and I miss you, but all my thoughts of you bring smiles to my face, not tears to my eyes, which I know you appreciate. I miss your off-the-wall take on things, I miss hearing about your vivid dreams, I miss the other half of this conversation we started in 1986, I miss you washing dished for me (sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one!), I miss your hugs and kisses, of course. Carry on with your exploration of the undiscovered country, I’ll be along before you know it! Love you!

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