Friday, January 14, 2022 – Another Rest Day

Hi Babe,
Had a good night sleep, and woke up late, but feeling a lot better this morning! Still a little twinge, so I’m taking it easy again today, just worried if I twist wrong again it will flare up. Didn’t take any aspirin and still felt pretty good. Chores were a bit easier, and I spent most of the day in one of my chairs instead of in bed, so I’m hoping tomorrow I’ll feel good enough to go riding. Flash gathered quite a flock of feather fans around him today, looked like a regular pied piper! I spent the day putting together the sponsor logos and designing the back of this year’s OTL T-shirt, evidently someone else was going to do it but dropped the ball, so Anita asked me if I was able to, and of course I said yes. Apparently it’s been a major problem for some other folks, but honestly, it was nothing for me, I had it put together in no time. The hardest part has been waiting for all the sponsors to get confirmed, and they still might add another one or two over the weekend, but it takes no time at all for me to add them. I think the problem is that most of these folks are old school, not particularly good on a computer, but even I’m using an old Paint program and it’s still taking me no time at all. Anyway, it was a pretty relaxing day, a quiet evening, and now I’m ready for shower and bed. Love you, darlin’! Good night!

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