Friday, Jan 8, 2021 – Runaround Day

Hi Sweetie,
A good night sleep, a quick morning of chores, then I was off to doctors appointments and errands. First to Walmart in Jupiter to retrieve an item that I apparently left behind last week, (at least I haven’t been able to find it), which was easier than I thought it would be, then Walmart in Lake Park to pick up the right hose connector for my new sprayer, then down to a little out of the way appliance parts store for a part for Jeff’s dryer he had asked me to pick up since I was going to West Palm anyway, then finally to the doctors offices downtown. I had three appointments lined up, but the last one cancelled because a family emergency so that’s been rescheduled for Tuesday. Of course, that was the one I needed the most, for my knee, so I was bummed out about that one. Arrived home to find two packages, green coffee beans in the mail and a new laptop battery by the gate. My old battery is only lasting a little over an hour, so I figured I was due a new one. I’m taking advantage of having an address where things can get delivered, so I’m getting everything I can think of to get me through another year. Jeff and James were working late again, so I took care of the critters, then settled down for the night. Just a regular mundane day! Heading for shower and bed soon, trying to get back to getting into bed earlier, it’s been getting increasingly later lately, and I’d really like to get in the habit of earlier nights. So off I go! Love you, baby! Good night!

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