Friday, Jan. 24, 2020 – Another Day of Errands

Hello Darlin’,
Finally had a great night sleep last night, first in a long time. Spent part of the day doing some work on the OTL project, starting with an appointment to meet the woman who is generously offering her fields on Jupiter Farms Road as the Saturday night stopover, rather than Jupiter Farms park, which evidently is insisting on charging an outrageous amount of money to rent overnight, plus security, plus money for the pavilion, all adding up to a crazy figure, so naturally the team looked for an alternative and found it. It’s a great location, and Tim wanted me to go along to take advantage of my camping expertise to give it my seal of approval, which I wholeheartedly did. The end of her road does, in fact, lead directly to the Riverbend Trail, so we don’t even have to worry about crossing Jupiter Farms Rd., which is a great advantage. After that meeting I ran down to Autozone to start the process of getting the parts I need to repair the back brakes on the truck. They’re starting to squeal, but the parts are still under warranty, and Jeff has agreed to help me change them out tomorrow. Shopped for a couple of essentials at Walmart before heading home, than ran into Jeff and his friend just as I stopped for the mail, and since they were heading out to Angelo’s for lunch and decided to join them. Finally got back home, did my usual chores and settled down for the evening. Good night, Sweetie!

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