Friday, Aug. 9, 2019 – Travel Day to Two Mile Run County Park, Franklin, PA

Got up with the alarm at 7:00, finished packing, and managed to get out before 9:30. I'm happy to say that Flash gave me no trouble at all today getting in the trailer, he just took one side step, then immediately jumped on the ramp and ran in. Just a matter of time before he got used to that! It took a little maneuvering to back up onto the road, which seemed the easiest way out of the camp, and we managed it with no problem. We made several stops, one at a Giant Food Store in Cuba, NY to stock up on Zweigles White Hots (you have to be from upstate NY to understand 🙂 ), again at a truck stop on the Seneca Indian Nation territory (no tax, so diesel is only 2.78/gal, while everywhere else it's upwards of $3.25!), and finally at another truck stop next door for a nice breakfast before hitting the road again. We took a slightly longer route because we wanted to stay on good roads for this monster rig, but when we got close to the park, we made the mistake of following the signs rather than the GPS (usually it's the other way around!), and we ended up turning into a very narrow road, where my back wheels got caught a bit in a ditch, though I managed to pull it out without any apparent damage. At least, I hope so! We reported in at the office, paid our bill for 10 days (though we may stay a couple of days longer, depending on the weather), and made our way out, first to the RV dump, though Hubby made a mistake in the directions and we went down the wrong way on the loop, which put us in a bit of a pickle as there was no easy way to turn around, but finally managed to do it by backing up down the road about 75 yards, then finally to the campground which, again, have a very narrow entrance, with a tree I barely missed and which looks like it's going to be even harder coming out. Sigh. I love this trailer, but it's extraordinary length is no doubt proving to be a challenge! We arrived at a nice big field around 4:00, where there were two buildings, one apparently an old observatory with a picnic pavilion, and another smaller pavilion off to one side. The larger building had electrical outlets all around the outside, but the water spigot didn't function. The smaller building had electrical outlets around the inside, but none of the sites had individual boxes. There was signage for the site numbers, but I called the office just to make sure, and sure enough, electric comes from the small pavilion. There was only one other trailer here at the other end of the row of sites, so we back into out spot right next to the pavilion with no problem. There were a couple of old apple trees where I put up a highline, and there's also highlines already in place way at the back end of the site. I couldn't believe how large an area each site was allowed, so after getting the trailer mostly set up, I pulled out the portable corral and set up a large area for the horses to graze. I started a load of laundry (our sheets were overdue!), got the screen room up, all while Hubby sat in his comfy gravity chair and looked on, throwing the ball for Lola. Our neighbor had a labradoodle that Lola started playing with, and they ran around camp together while I was setting up. Nice to see her getting along with other dogs, and even learning how to play! Good progress! As the afternoon progressed, more trailers came in, so it's obviously going to be a busy weekend. Of course, that also means there must be some decent riding, since it's attracting such a crowd. I'm sure we'll be back on our own again after the weekend, but for now, we've got company! We finally got around to dinner at 8:30, though neither of us were that hungry, but I threw a few Zweigles on the grill just for fun, and that did the trick. Well, that and our usual ice cream for dessert! With fresh sheets and a couple of showers, bed time won't be long in coming!

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