Friday, April 24, 2020 – Starting The Countdown

Hey Sweetie,
Slept pretty well, but rain came in again during the night. I’m getting so tired of rain and wind, it just seems to be practically non-stop these days! Can’t wait for true Spring to start, it’s been unusually cold and miserable so far. I guess if you wanted to fly a kite it would be great weather for that, but I’m just not into that! Anyway, I went over to the house for a few hours to go through some boxes that were packed in a hurry, like the desk and the bedroom side table, to see what needed to be stored, given to Goodwill or thrown away. Getting down to the real remnants now. Other than a few pieces of furniture, it’s just about cleared out. The new owner has agreed to let me store a couple of boxes and the big frame photo of our first anniversary until October when I come back for the Skymont Endurance Ride. I can move them to Florida after that, but there’s no need to drag them around with me all summer. By afternoon the wind finally laid down and the sun came out, and it turned out to be a nice day. Just as I was leaving, the new owner arrived with another load of stuff. I had noticed that he had removed the carpet from the bedroom and dragged it into the garage, so I offered to move the trailer over so he could load it in there, and we could take it down to the dump later in the week. I’m happy to say he feels really happy and honored to have the house, very appreciative of it’s beauty, just the kind of person you’d approve of for keeping the place going. I headed back after that, and put some stuff up in the attic before settling down for the rest of the day. Baked a nice pork chop for dinner, watched some more Deep Space Nines, now I’m off the shower and bed, as usual! Love you, babe! Good night!

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