Monday, May 29, 2017 – Travel Day to Loretta Lynn Ranch, Hurricane Mills, TN

After several weeks at home completing doctor's appointments, picking up furniture and alfalfa and doing other odds and ends, we were back on the road today, heading for the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Hurricane Mills. This place is an attraction all by itself! Camping, tubing, kayaking, riding, a little Western town to visit, restaurant, concert venue, gift shop, you name it, this is a country paradise! The trip, thankfully, was uneventful, and we were eternally grateful, as Hubby has only just started to feel better. It's been a long recovery for him, but with the help of a new special shot from his nephrologist, he should continue to improve in coming weeks, fingers crossed! Anyway, we made it safe and sound, got set up in a large clearing in Area 2 where the Legacy Rendezvous 2017 is being held, got the horses high-lined between a couple of trees across the road, and settled in for the evening. I had a brief conversations with one of our neighbors, a man who railed about the brand new RV he had, but was falling apart (he was going to take it back to Oklahoma, it was that bad!) Sat outside and enjoyed a cold beer, met Randy the Wrangler who was running an upcoming trail ride, and generally soaked in the atmosphere. Eventually it was time for dinner for all, and then we settled down for the evening.

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