Monday, January 17, 2022 – Travel Day to Dupuis

Hi Babe,
Well, after fretting a bit last night about whether I’d get out this morning, I ended up staying in camp a bit longer to work on some OTL stuff, some last minute sponsors that needed to be added to the T-shirt designs, and well as some volunteers and donators, which was probably a good thing because it gave it a chance to dry out a little, it was very sunny this morning. Once I got that done, I was able to finish packing in a hurry since I’d put just about everything away on Saturday, and I pulled out about 11:30. Despite my concerns, I managed to get out with no problem, though the ground was rough from other peoples tires making tracks. My other concern had been about getting out the driveway without falling into the ditch, and I managed to swing just wide enough to make that happen, too, so it was all a bit of a nothing in the end, just the way I like it! Had an uneventful trip to Dupuis, managed to get in a really good flush of my black water tank, which has miraculously lasted almost a month with overflowing! The new camp host, Steve, showed me a spot he thought would be good for me, and even though I had been planning a different spot, I agreed with his plan and moved in. It’s rather out of the way of the traffic, back by the trail entrance, and right across from a multitude of nice paddocks. It didn’t take me long to get the horses settled and some of my stuff put out, but I really had to get to Okeechobee to shop, so I headed out there as soon as I could. First stop was the feed store, I had bought some decent coastal there earlier, and wanted to get as many as I could so I wouldn’t have to make the trip again, and managed to get 21 bales in, even with the water tank! And these bales were even nicer than the last ones, so I know the horses will be happy! Then a quick trip to Tractor Supply for propane and a couple of bags of feed, then the gas station to fill up (not Walmart, they were actually almost 20 cents more a gallon, surprisingly!), then down to Walmart where I did a BIG shopping, mostly because I’m hoping I won’t have to come back up here again, though I may have to for propane, although Jupiter Hardware fills propane tanks, they’re a bit more expensive but it would save me a trip. Anyway, all of that took a long time, and it was dusk by the time I was leaving town, and dark by the time I got back, though there’s a full moon and a clear sky, so it was lit up pretty good. Got the groceries put away, fed the horses, put their blankets on because it’s supposed to get down to 41 degrees tonight, then got busy on my OTL stuff again, even though it was already 8:00. Then Anita called and we ended up being on the phone past 10:00 trying to sort things through. Now I’m exhausted, and heading for shower and bed very shortly! Good night, my darlin’! Love you!

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