Hi Babe!
Another departure, another arrival! Woke up to the alarm at 7:00, managed to get packed up, horses loaded, and off the old dump by 9:30. I say "old dump" because they put in a new dump, in such a way as to be truly to dumbest position I've ever seem. It's conveniently placed just before the camping gatehouse where the road divides into two one-way roads. It's the perfect location. The only trouble is, instead of making it so you can curve into it and curve out again, they made it perpendicular to the road. Two dump stations, with really high curbs, and the made it almost impossible for a trailer of any length to get in and out of it. Truly brainless. That's why I went to the old dump, because even though it was a little tough to get into, and I had to pull forward and back into it a little, it was easily manageable. It's a head scratcher, that one. Anyway, we had an uneventful trip all the way here, and when I arrived, it was completely empty! Not a single other person or vehicle was here. At first, I thought I would go into one of the pull-throughs at the bottom of the hill, but the more I thought about it, the more I decided to go back in the spot we stayed in last year. Yes, there's a bit of a hill down to the horses, but at least we have our own little bit of yard on either side. Of course, I had a bit of trouble avoiding ditches since I didn't have anyone behind me to signal, and I almost got stuck, but in the end I managed to get in place just fine. A few minutes after I got in, another trailer came in, with a guy by himself and he pulled into one of the pull-throughs I had dismissed. Nice guy, named Nick, we chatted later in the evening. Anyway, since I'm staying here two full weeks, I set everything up, screen room and even grill, and grilled up a nice pork chop that a family had given to back at Tippecanoe. They actually gave me pork chops and some nice mild sausage, obviously home made, and very good, I might add! Later on, a couple more trailers came in, but they parked at the top of the hill. I heard the sound of a guitar a while ago, so maybe I'll have a chance to practice my Snowy River on them later in the week. Anyway, I've settled down, ready for a good night sleep. Love you, darlin'! Good night!

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