Tuesday, Oct. 13, 2020 – Housework and First Ride at Circle E

Hi Darlin’,
Had a good night sleep, but still feeling a bit tired, got up with the alarm for breakfast, then did some housework, put everything away from the suitcases and other bags that had stuff in them and were just lying around. Tidying, basically, with some cleaning mixed in. Did a bit more computer work, then saddled up Apollo for what was supposed to be a Poker Run, but since there was only two of us, we decided to skip it and just take a little ride, save the PR for tomorrow when more people would be here. Had quite a nice ride, though it is quite rocky here, and I don’t really have a pair of boots for Apollo, though I did find an old Cavallo Simple boot, I decided to just carry them and see if I needed them. There were a few gravel roads, but not too bad, so we managed okay. A few beautiful spots around in the woods here, and it was me and a woman named Donna and the trail boss Shane and his daughter Bella, so it was a nice ride. Got back in plenty of time for dinner, and Donna and her group came over to check out the trailer. They’re staying in cabins with their eye on getting a trailer big enough to spend some serious time in, which is why they were interested in seeing mine. Anyway, after that we went to dinner, busiest night yet with more people coming in. It was Bingo night, but I elected to come back and try to get some more rest, so one movie, then shower, and soon to bed! Going to do the morning ride tomorrow, though it’s supposed to be pretty cold, so much so that I put the blankets on the horses tonight. Don’t want them growing too much of a winter coat before we get to Florida! So good night, my love! Love, you!

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