Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020 – First Ride at FDR with Stable Group

Hi Sweetie,
Well, it isn’t often that I go for a ride on that old slug Apollo and NOT be the slowest horse in the pack! But that was certainly the case today! After a better night sleep (though I read for a lot longer than usual before finally turning the light off), I did my usual morning chores, had breakfast, then saddled up Apollo at 9:30 and arrived at the stable just before 10:00 for their “two hour ride.” Of course, first they had to finish tacking up the horses and doing an orientation and getting everybody mounted up, so we ended up leaving the barn about 10:30. As we followed the trail I stayed in the back out of the way, but Apollo, despite his sluggish ways, kept catching up to the two slowpokes just in front of me, a buckskin and a palomino mare who kept laying her ears back and kicking every time we got too close, so I had to keep pulling Apollo back to avoid that. Imagine, pulling Apollo back to slow down! Crazy! Anyway, we rode out for a little over two miles, stopping to let the slowpokes catch up a couple of times. The trails were pretty rocky in some places, and we had a serious switchback that was fun and reminded me of the Grand Canyon, then reached a beautiful overlook that spread a lovely landscape before us. It was right on the road, so several cars stopped to take pictures, and of course, there was one little girl who wanted to pet the horses so I took Apollo to her. We hung around there for, I swear, over 35 minutes, before heading back on a slightly different, less steep trail. Toward the end, we actually got an opportunity to trot (at which point I jumped to the front of the pack, since there was no way I was going to stay behind a bunch of slowpoke amateurs), and before I knew it we were back at the stables. A total of about four miles, that was their two hour ride. But it was about what I expected, and it gave me a chance to get a little bit of the lay of the land, and I’ve already planned my ride on Flash (with Lola) tomorrow, though it’s going to be pretty chilly in the morning. Frost warnings for tonight, would you believe! I’m not far enough south yet!! Been using a lot of propane with the furnace, no doubt I’ll have to run out to the nearest Tractor Supply soon to make sure I don’t run out. I baked myself some chicken for dinner, with rice and vegetables, the first real meal I’ve had in ages that wasn’t soup or cereal or eggs. A nice change. So now I’m headed off for an early shower, have to wash my hair tonight and don’t want to go to bed with a wet head. Good night, baby! Love you!

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