Tuesday, December 27, 2022 – Ride Day with Friends

Hiya Sweetie,
Despite the rain-free weather forecast that I went to bed on, it rained practically the entire night. Seriously? They couldn’t see this coming? Anyway, it was wet and chilly when I woke up and took care of the horses, and when my friends Bev and Maggie were finally ready to go, it was after 10:30. After breakfast, I just read and dozed until they called me, so as soon as I heard from them, I gathered up Flash and Apollo. Maggie’s friend Fred was going to ride Apollo, and I was happy that he was going to get some exercise. He does have one hoof that looks a bit odd that I’ll have to get looked at by a professional, but he seemed okay all day. We went on a ride about 8+ miles long, the green and yellow trail, and it was very nice. Maggie rides a Rocky Mountain that moves quickly like Flash, but we had to keep stopping and waiting for the rest of the quarter horses to catch up, even though they did a bit of jogging and cantering just to keep up. That’s how it works with stock vs. gaited horses! It was a good ride, though, everyone had a good time. Bev asked me to dinner but I begged off, it was too chilly to sit around outside to eat, so I’ll join them later in the week when it warms up a bit more. Settled down for the evening back at my trailer, now as we close in on 9:00, I’m ready for shower and bed! Good night, babe! Love you!

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