Thursday, Mar. 20, 2014 – Back to Pace Bend after a Long Absence

What a couple of weeks we've had! In addition to having a very successful work session for a couple of hours with our new client (someone you've heard of), Hubby and I both picked up a bug somewhere. While it only affected me about 5%, it hit him hard, and he was literally in bed for the week, plus in and out of bed for a couple more days. On Mar. 18th, his 80th birthday, we took our first venture out of the house, going to visit a friend in a nursing home, going to a fabulous dinner at the Bombay Bistro in south Austin, and doing a little shopping, all of which he survived with only minimal tiredness. So today, which was a beautiful, sunny day near 80 degrees, we finally headed out with the horses, who were delighted to get out of their pasture. We headed out to Pace Bend, knowing we could make the ride short or long depending on Hubby's stamina. Well, he held up quite well, and we were out for about two hours. Unfortunately their feet had grown a bit since our last ride, so I had to spend a while trimming their hooves, so I was tired by the time we left, but relaxed a bit once we were on the trail. We circled around to the north, then meandered our way southward, actually taking a couple of short trails we hadn't been on before, missed one turn that made us have to re-do a short loop, until finally he said he'd had enough, and we headed directly back to the day use area. It was a wonderful ride, slow but steady. We had originally planned to finish off down by the beach with a nice canter, but he was too tired by then, so we decided to skip it and save it for next time. We packed up the horses and headed over to the nursing home to visit our friend again, and he enjoyed communing with the horses for a few minutes before dinner. He continues to make tremendous progress from a stroke he had last month, he seems almost back to normal except for a few gaps in his memory. Left him to have his dinner, while we headed home. Unpacked the horses and fed them, then took my niece out to dinner at a local Asian restaurant (we thought they had sushi, but they didn't, they were more of a take-out place, but the food was still good) before getting back home. Last night we had a brief power outage, and it scrambled the hard drive on our Dish DVR, so we lost almost 340 hours of recordings, and we couldn't get it to come back on again today. I was not a happy camper about that! But we ordered a new one, should be here Monday. Settled down to DVD of Star Trek (the movie with the new actors playing the old characters, which I love!) before heading off to bed, satisfied at a wonderful day!

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