Thursday, August 20, 2020 – Ride Day on Apollo

Hi Babe,
After a decent night sleep and breakfast, I saddled up Apollo and started on a ride with my neighbor Nick and a family of three other women who were headed out towards Airplane Rock. They were all on gaited horses, so Apollo was having a time trying to keep up. By the time we got to the bottom of the hill of the orange trail, I had decided to peel off and go over to the west side of the forest rather than out to Airplane Rock, since I’d already done that, and it was a longer ride than I was in the mood for, plus I didn’t think Apollo was up to trying to climb that many hills at that pace. He’s getting into better shape, but I still don’t want to push him too hard at his age. I turned off at the white trail, followed that to the purple trail, and came back around to Badger Cave, which was that nice trail that you rode with me on one day last year, only in reverse. There was a couple of good climbs and descents, but nothing like the trail to Airplane Rock, and we were back in just over two hours, which suited us just fine. Nick didn’t get back until two hours after that, and he said his horse was pretty tuckered out by then, too. He had planned on leaving today, but the ride was so long he decided to wait until tomorrow. Good decision! Anyway, we chatted for awhile till it was time to feed everyone, then went our separate ways for the evening. Lola’s been eating satin balls, but still just picking at her dinner, it’s like she suddenly doesn’t like the dog food anymore, though she eventually finished it off awhile later, after I put a second helping of grated cheese on it. Watched a couple of Voyagers, wrote some emails in an ongoing and stressful correspondence with Equity, and texted with Trish, who arrived from Indiana this afternoon, about their plans for tomorrow and how we could meet up. All that done, it’s time for bed! Good night, darlin’! Love you!

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